Cyber Security and MSP Solutions

IT support to your team anywhere with remote PC management

Evocorp synergy of cybersecurity solution leverages our comprehensive stack of technologies with up-to-the-minute research, to provide dedicated APT monitoring, attacks prevention, incident response & remediation services across

Official partner of Datto

An awareness of the leading approaches to managing cybersecurity. National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) Cybersecurity Framework

Remote Monitoring and Management

Evocorp is constantly discussing and implementing measures to keep your organization safe with better insight, detection, and response capabilities in the face of evolving cyberattacks.


Services to ensure a thorough vulnerability assessment. Recommendations on how to strengthen your infrastructure’s defenses.

Threat Detection System
We immerse your security and IT teams in a simulated world filled with the advanced vulnerabilities to hone their skills and safeguard your most valuable assets.
End Point Security

Add a new layer of hardware-based security and protect your business

Business PC Performance

Discover premium PC performance for modern business

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