Cyber Security and MSP Solutions

IT solutions that help SMB’s provide a peace of mind by increasing efficiency, improve employee’s productivity, and addressing security concerns.

Evocorp synergy of cybersecurity solution leverages our comprehensive stack of technologies with up-to-the-minute research, to provide dedicated APT monitoring, attacks prevention, incident response & remediation services across

Official partner of Datto

An awareness of the leading approaches to managing cybersecurity. National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) Cybersecurity Framework

We offer a wide range of IT solutions

Evocorp is constantly discussing and implementing measures to keep your organization safe with better insight, detection, and response capabilities in the face of evolving cyberattacks.

Back up, Restore, and Protect Data

Ensure uptime with smart solutions to protect our clients’ critical data and applications whether they live on local servers, end-user computers. 

Cloud Continuity

We protect clients’ from downtime, data loss, and more importantly, rapidly recover data if downtime and cyber attacks occur.

Disaster Recovery Plan

Clients with business continuity and disaster recovery (BCDR) solutions in place are less likely to experience significant downtime during a ransomware attack.

SaaS Protection

Cloud-to-cloud backup and fast recovery for critical data in Microsoft 365 and G Suite applications.

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