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Ransomware is the #1 Malware Threat to Small & Mid-Size Businesses(SMBs)

The growing cost of downtime for small and medium businesses (SMB) following a ransomware attack were 94% higher than in 2019 and an astonishing 486% higher than in 2018. Report indicates the cost of downtime is nearly 50X greater than the ransom requested, while the average cost of ransom stayed roughly the same in 2020 as it was in 2019. We saw a big uptick in average ransom from 2018 to 2019, when the demands increased by 37%. We understand that the damage associated with business downtime is far more costly than the actual ransom.

To help  avoid costly downtime, a ransomware protection strategy that features a business continuity disaster recovery solution is the best defense evocorp can offer. Evocorp can help you. Unified continuity covers all of your business continuity & disaster recovery needs. Protect servers, files, PCs, and SaaS applications. Evocorp works to customize a solution tailored to you and your business. With software and hardware for SMB’s of all sizes, Evocorp has you covered.

  • 62% – loss of business productivity
  • 39% – business-threatening downtime
  • 28% – lost data and/or device
  • 24% – decreased customer profitability
  • 19% – clients paid the ransom and recovered data
  • 17% – damaged reputation
  • 13% – stolen data
  • 10% – hackers threatened to publicize data if ransom went unpaid
  • 6% – report ransomware remained on system and struck again
  • 6% – failure to meet SLA requirements
  • 4% – failure to achieve regulatory compliance
  • 4% – paid a ransom but data was never released

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