About us:

Leaders in Cyber Security & MSP Solutions

Our services


Our platform allows us to do routine maintenance on your network, PCs, servers, and other devices. Our business gives you peace of mind about technology while keeping your system secure, stable, and productive.



Security consulting

Thorough examination of the IT infrastructure and professional cyber security advice from auditors with extensive investigation experience.

Backup and Recovery

Continuous file and folder backup protects business documents against ever-present threats such as human error, hardware failure, ransomware and lost or stolen devices.

Network security

Powerful anti-DDoS system, which can be activated in a few clicks to filter malicious traffic in realtime with a bandwidth of up to 300 Gb/s.


SaaS Protection enables you to reduce data loss risk and provide a reliable service to clients. Microsoft 365 and Google Workspace have limited native recovery capabilities, and having a SaaS backup means business continuity, compliance, and security requirements.

Our Team

Darwin Lara


Darwin is one of the prominent independent IT leaders in CT. A member of the Small Minority and Business Enterprise, Member and ambassador BRBC.

Darwin has successfully completed MIT Sloan School of Management Cyber Security for Managers, BBA – Business Administration, associate degree in business, Azure Networking Services, Virtual machines (VMs), Azure architecture. infrastructure support, benefits of the cloud, such as high availability and reliability.  CompTIA Security+ Certification, Data Privacy Fundamentals, Big Data, Certification on Cyber Security, Securing Express Applications. This knowledge is coupled with leadership across a wide range of functions including Marketing, Sales, Data Privacy, and Consulting

Jason Perlaza


Since becoming CIO in 2021, he is a prominent voice leading the company toward becoming the go-to expert on Network Security and supporting our clients to keep them secure as possible as the world is being hit with an onslaughts of data breach attacks. Azure Active Directory (Azure AD) helps maintain on-premises Active Directory deployment. He has successfully conducted client user- based systems office 365, Gmail suite, and Cloud. Client base support, IoT are up to date with latest software ensuring our clients with Two Factor Authentication.

Master of Technology -MTech, Information Technology

Roberto Contreras

Technician level II

Roberto responsibilities include help desk support to end-users. Solved and managed help desk support tickets, using software: Datto RMM, Autotask PSA.
Onboarded more than 50+ devices, which includes Desktops, Laptops, Printers, Servers, and other SNMP devices to Datto RMM. Managed Backup & Data recovery servers, using Datto Cloud Continuity.
Used automation tools to install software as well as monitor different aspects of our client’s devices, such as: Monitoring Software, Hardware, Viruses, Backup Errors, and Desktop Performance.

Roberto is Undergraduate Student Pursuing Electrical Engineering Major at Uconn

Rainer Martinez-Peralta

Technician level II

Rainer’s responsibilities include service desk support, Cisco firewall troubleshooting and management, and site backend support.

Rainer is an undergraduate computer science major at UConn with a concentration in software engineering.