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Our products

Evocorp provides cyber security solution designed to test your business landscape, we understand the challenges of network security, IT support, and data breaches.

Access Management

Аctionable, finished intelligence to track actors and prevent attacks before they happen

Data Protection

Comprehensive solution to protect against sophisticated attacks targeting sensitive data

Threat Protection

Safeguarding Important information from corruption, compromise, or loss

Cloud Services

Comprehensive tools necessary to protect critical business data living on servers, personal devices and in the cloud

Evocorp provides cybersecurity solutions aimed at detection and prevention of network security, endpoint security, email security. cyberattacks, online, and IP protection.

Evocorp understands the landscape of cyberthreat and implements a NIST framework to Identify, Protect, Detect, Respond, and Recover. 


Partner of Datto. The world’s fastest-growing companies. Protect business continuity, ensure ongoing networking, provide a single source of truth for IT business management, and increase productivity

Our services


We provide remote remediation capabilities to increase your productivity and limite downtime. Security assessment, proactive DRaaS, virtualized instantly, empowering you to continue your business. 

87% of companies experience some form of downtime, which may result in loss of data, security, productivity, and revenue. Official computer emergency response team monitors online activity 24/7 to identify and respond to any incidents or security breaches

Today’s business competitive environment work from anywhere. We boast computer forensics worldwide with an experienced investigation team 


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